Ideology of Vincent Bethell




My racial motivations are sociological, psychological, existential, and humanitarian.




I’m an atheist  because wearing clothes is nonsense stemming from Biblical fig leaves, Original Sin.



My campaigning began during a hot summer when my sweaty clothes were very uncomfortable, but mere comfort wasn’t my key motivation. Unlike naturists or nudists I had no overriding desire to feel cool refreshing breezes upon my naked skin. The purpose of Skin Freedom was and is Victory over the stifling perceptions of narrow-minded people.



At a very young age I became aware of how our civilisation is deeply irrational, stupid, cruel, and unbearably mediocre. The majority of people exhibit horrifically dull perceptions. Looking at the world I saw masses of unenlightened humans ignorantly swarming throughout their humdrum sociological networks. Life appeared, and continues to appear, deeply meaningless. People exhibit puny self awareness therefore they are obsessed with triviality, banality, materialism, and escapism. The entire sociopolitical, economic, and psychological network of civilisation is constructed around unawareness, irrationality, and stupidity. Civilisation is very inhuman. This is why I strongly oppose our dehumanisation. Racial hatred of fellow humans permeates all aspects of our inhuman civilisation.



The inhumanity of life is proven via frequent examples of violent crime, war, greed, materialism, corruption, consumerism, anti-social behaviour, superficiality, or indifference to fellow humans. Life in this inhuman civilisation is devoid of grandeur, majesty, and glory. Masses of people partake in abysmally dull behaviours via their commonplace dull minds. Jobs, relationships, aspirations, and politics all demonstrate hideous travesty thereby mocking the beauty of self awareness. People are unaware of their racial heritage.



My earliest memories are regarding my deep self awareness. Naturally I was interested in what it means to be human. Humans differ from other life-forms due to our complex brains. Our capacity for self-aware-deep-thought sets us apart from common animals, but this higher brain functioning is repressed or latent in most people. People are unaware of their human identity therefore I seek to awaken people from their mental torpor. Previously I have attempted to inspire awesome perceptions within the minds of the entire human race. My goal is to inspire everybody, the entire human race, regarding a celebration of our human racial identity. This is why I seek skin freedom. Civilisation rarely highlights sincere self awareness therefore I want to change the world. Free skin helps people throw off the inhuman burden of civilisation. Naked human skin in public highlights the glorious splendour of Humanity. Awareness of our human racial identity helps stop inhuman indifference towards fellow humans. Your life is wasted if you spend your time shallowly perceiving crass celebrity entertainment. I want to widen your perceptions. This campaign is sociological, psychological, existential, humanitarian, and racial, for the human race. It is all about belonging to the human race; it’s about being human, with free skin.



Naked Intelligence is a term I’ve invented to highlight how public nakedness possibly enhances intelligence. I define "Naked Intelligence" as the phenomenon where public nakedness improves the cognitive ability of the naked person. Clothed people witnessing public nakedness could also experience enhancement of their intelligence. Public nakedness is eye-opening. I believe nakedness is mind-opening too. I believe self awareness is closely linked to intelligence. Public nakedness enhances awareness therefore intelligence may likewise be enhanced. Part of our brain called the neo-cortex is associated with higher brain processes. The neo-cortex is stimulated by novelty. Human existence is endlessly novel. Public nakedness starkly highlights our novel existence therefore skin freedom could induce continual novelty-stimulation for the neo-cortex. Each day is new. Skin freedom highlights our wondrous racial glory.





Attention, Fame, Notoriety.            



The Fame of Vincent Bethell...      Why do I detest personal attention?



People supporting my ideas is very positive. It encourages me when people recognise the purposefulness of my actions, but being famous for skin freedom is unpleasant. Personal notoriety is very dehumanising. Via focusing on every BODY you can help counteract this inhumanity of fame. Focus your attention on the campaign.





Fame perpetuates alienation therefore fame is fundamentally dehumanised... Fame is very inhuman.




Being famous would be unpleasant whatever the situation. Whatever the reason for fame I would deeply resent the personal attention. My distaste regarding fame is due to my perception of the world. Fame causes deprivation of power for the majority of people. Instead of worshipping their own minds or bodies; fans (supporters) alienate their self-determinism via dependence upon famous people. Fame, infamy, and idol worship cause many people to pin hopes, fears, hatred, anger, and joy onto a few people. Famous or infamous people become dehumanised objects, which the majority of people project their dysfunctional psyches onto. Fame is the antithesis of mass self awareness. Fame is sadly an inevitable aspect of communication with a large unthinking audience. I want to abolish the idea of dependence upon famous people because equal self-empowerment for everybody is a crucial feature of belonging to the human race.



This causes problems for me because nobody has my determination or vision regarding The Human Race. It has been necessary for me to put myself in the frontline where I’ve been metaphorically inundated by mortars, bullets, shrapnel, and radiation poisoning. Being in the firing-line is very difficult. The world is an intense burden and the battle for freedom is horrendously nightmarish. Being famous in a dehumanised world is unbearable, but fame is sadly necessary. My ideas will help all members of the human race become truly powerful.



I would be grateful if people could respect my ideological aversion to personal attention. Undoubtedly I want to draw attention to my ideas but I don’t want to be burdened by attention focused personally on myself. Personal attention is antithetical to my ideology. Instead of thinking about my nakedness, or the nakedness of other activists, you should contemplate your own public nakedness. Consider your own feelings about being naked in public. Thanks.



Vincent Bethell - June 2009







UPDATE - September 2010



I am deeply unhappy. I suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder regarding the time I spent in prison. I want to change the world but I don’t think I can ever cope with being naked in public again. In my experience I’d say 95% of people who’ve been drawn to my public nakedness campaign have been weird, which I suppose is ironic because many people probably think I am very weird. My post-prison emotional fragility combined with weird people who are drawn to public nakedness means I will probably never partake in public nakedness again. I no longer have the stamina to change the world. I fear it is impossible to change the world. Changing the world is an extremely painful, very difficult, impossibly hard, a truly thankless task, which reminds me of this short story: The Country of the Blind by H.G. Wells.



The premise in The Country of the Blind is regarding a traveller with perfect vision encountering a community of blind people who’ve never heard of sight. The traveller attempts to explain vision to the blind community but they think he is insane. They think his eyes are the cause of his insanity therefore they finally attempt to remove his eyes in a medical procedure to cure his supposed insanity. My interpretation of The Country of the Blind is this: any radical changes to society are not possible because people do not have the vision to accept ideas beyond their comprehension. Considering the weird people attracted to public nakedness, combined with my debilitating stress and anxiety, I plan to change the world via a book I’ve been slowly writing for the past ten years. My book focuses on investigations and research I been involved in regarding the nature of intelligence. Hopefully I will finish my book, but the intense hardship and arduous struggling is perhaps too difficult for success. Perhaps my severely diminished stamina is insufficient. The smallest task seems enormously insurmountable when suffering from depression and stress. My book is a very big task, which I will hopefully finish in the year 2015. I will try to change the world via my writing. I will shun being naked in public because I cannot cope with people. Perhaps it will be OK to be naked in public one day, but while people are weird and visionless it is impossible.



While I’ve been writing this update I’ve been reminded of another book by H.G. Wells, which also seems appropriate to my situation: The Island of Doctor Moreau. In the story of Doctor Moreau’s Island a man named Edward Prendrick is shipwrecked and finds sanctuary on Doctor Moreau’s Island. Pendrick soon discovers Doctor Moreau is experimenting on animals via shaping animals into counterfeit-humans (Beast Folk). Doctor Moreau hopes to completely transform animals into humans. Disaster eventually occurs on the Island. Pendrick is the only surviving human and the Beast Folk quickly revert to outright animalism. Pendrick finally escapes, but when he tells his story to his rescuers they think he is insane so he subsequently feigns amnesia. In the final part of the story I very much identify with Pendrick because after escaping the place of horror Pendrick reintegrates with supposedly normal humans but he’s terrified normal humans are actually Beast Folk. Pendrick fears normal humans are constantly on the edge of reverting to their true animal selves. Pendrick retreats from society; he subsists in a fragile psychological state terrified and distrustful of everybody.



When I was imprisoned awaiting trial I was in a place of horrors. Prisoners were constantly screaming in the Segregation Unit where I was held. One prisoner attempted suicide by biting a chunk out of his wrist and another prisoner committed suicide via hanging himself. Prison officers would frequently storm into cells dressed in their full riot uniforms to subdue disruptive prisoners. I was completely innocent whilst suffering in this place of horrors. I was innocent awaiting my court trial, and after 5 months of imprisonment my court case eventually occurred whereupon I was declared unanimously not guilty. People in our democracy are supposedly innocent until proven guilty but how can “innocent until proven guilty” be reconciled with imprisoning remand prisoners prior to their trial? I have no right to compensation for the suffering inflicted upon me by the Criminal Justice System. I have sought compensation and I have been refused. The verdict of the jury was clear (unanimously not guilty), but I have never received an apology from the Crown Prosecution Service, Prison Service, or police. I’ve had enormous pain inflicted upon me. I’ve had 5 months of my life stolen. We live in a supposed democracy where humanity supposedly prevails but innocent people are punished. The horror of prison has never left me. I now live in total awareness of our irrational and unjust social system. I feel people are constantly on the cusp of transforming into Beast Folk.









UPDATE - December 2010      



Since the year 2000 I’ve been very interested in technology. In 2010 my technological interests have culminated because by year 2045 the evolution of technology will fundamentally transform the human race. Via biotech and nanotech humans will alter their DNA very dramatically. Many humans will merge with technology. When people start altering their DNA according to personal choices the human race will diverge radically into various strands. Evolution will soon leap forward at a shockingly rapid speed. The forthcoming creation of Artificial Intelligence raises interesting questions regarding how man-made self-aware intelligent beings will interact with the human race. Many aspects of technology are very relevant regarding Skin Freedom because technology will transform the human race. This evolutionary impact of technology upon humans is called Transhumanism or Singularitarianism. From a young age I have been tremendously intrigued by the concept of human intelligence. Technology is particularly interesting in the year 2010 because in the not too distant future biological-molecular-computers (nanobots) will interface with human brains. We will have the potential to boost our natural intelligence enormously. Technology is accelerating towards an intelligence-explosion called the Singularity. Technology has the potential to change our minds, bodies, and our skin. My life continues to be extremely painful (total hellish agony) and the morons in the world show no sign of abating but perhaps there is hope for the future.






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