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Some people struggle to comprehend the idea of racism towards The Human Race. This page addresses any points people are unsure about. This page explains in detail THE IDEA OF RACISM regarding Stop Racist Human Skin Phobia.








Racism is traditionally defined as discrimination, hatred, or prejudice based upon racial characteristics of another race. The general problem people encounter regarding Stop Racist Human Skin Phobia is that this racism is directed to members of the same race. To comprehend this Same-Race-Racism imagine a person of mixed race conceived by a black mother and a white father. This person of mixed race could theoretically hate or be prejudiced towards black or white aspects of themselves, with the result that they discriminate against black and (or) white people. Personal possession of specific racial characteristics does not preclude the possibility of hating races with identical or similar characteristics. A person of mixed race is not exempt from racist behaviour towards black or white people. Possessing both back and white parents does not exclude such a mixed race person from racist behaviour. It is very possible to racially hate or be prejudiced towards members of your own race. Supposedly “dissimilar racial characteristics” regarding “traditional racial discrimination” are actually not too dissimilar. All humans are actually very similar. Skin for example comes in a variety of shades therefore the line between races is often a very fine line. Whatever colour our skin is, we are all human. If a white person discriminates against a mixed-race-person (black and white) they have clearly discriminated against part of their own race.


The human race encompasses all races but some people say the human race is not a Race. If you examine the concept of The Human Race you will discover humans are a “race” with distinct racial (hereditary) characteristics. Regarding the definition of “race” many dictionaries refer to “the human race” and many social commentators write about the human race. The ancestry of the human race definitely creates distinct racial characteristics. A final point to note is that the word “racism” is relatively new... first used approximately in the year 1930 (“racism” stems  from “racialism” which is also relatively new dating to 1900 approximately). New concepts are likely to be refined similar to how geocentric understanding of our solar system and universe was refined.




 Self Hate


Self hate is a key component of Same Race Racism. All forms of racism are based upon hatred. All types of hatred stem from personal discord. When naked people are persecuted it is easy to see self hatred in the persecutor. Self hatred is crucial for Same Race Racism. All persecutors suffer from self hate, unease, and derangement, which is especially evident in Same Race Racism.






Homophobia (fear of homosexuals) is a good example of fear causing discrimination towards other humans. Arachnophobia (fear of spiders) is probably a more common fear for most people. All fears can transform into hate thus a person afraid of spiders is likely to squash and kill spiders. Fear regarding human skin is overwhelming. Many people would be terrified about being naked in public. When a person suffering from Human Skin Phobia sees a publicly naked person, their own fear about being naked in public can manifest as hatred. Spiders are disgusting for someone suffering for Arachnophobia. Naked skin is disgusting for someone suffering from Human Skin Phobia. A person suffering from Arachnophobia can tolerate spiders if they are caged in zoos safely away from sight. Likewise naked humans freely roaming around in public are often removed and then placed in cages (imprisoned in jail) away from sight. Naked flesh is not disgusting or fearsome. Fear about being naked in public is the main reason why most people cannot take their clothes off in public. People who are inhuman are extremely frightened about being exposed, thus all exposure is feared and hated.


Importantly it should be noted Gay people are very capable of being homophobic, which clearly explains. Merely belonging to a specific group, race, or species does not prohibit hatred towards fellow members. Note Kathryn Lehman who helped write anti-Gay legislation before she eventually came-out as being Gay. Enjoy the following song, which highlights how closet-Gays persecuted homosexuals prior to their homosexuality being exposed. Self-hate and self-phobia is possible.








Both inhuman and human traits are deep basic psychological orientations. Humanness resides underneath the clothes. Concealment of humanness causes people to become inhuman. Clothes are used to conceal inhumanity. Clothes cannot be human. People are ashamed of their skin because they are inhuman. Comfortableness with your skin arises from inner peace. Compulsory clothing is an inhuman barrier arising from inner disharmony. Clothing currently perpetuates inhumanity. It is very inhuman to fearfully conceal human skin. Inhumanity and humanity are interesting concepts because both states apply to humans without significant genetic changes occurring. Inhumanity and humanity are states of perception. Barriers make it difficult to perceive humans. Enforced irrational barriers are the essence of inhumanity because irrational barriers inhibit perception. Without perception we become inhuman. Being human demands perceptual awareness. Compulsory clothing is an inhuman barrier because instead of simply giving warmth or protection, the prime purpose of clothing is to conceal your true identity. Inhumanity is debilitated perception. Dehumanisation is another interesting concept to describe cruelly painful circumstances. Enforced clothing is dehumanising because it states our true human identity is fearsome and disgusting. Same Race Racism is deeply entwined with inhumanity. Inhumanity causes people to hate themselves thus inhuman people hate the human race, which leads to racist prejudices towards humans. Alienation is another inhuman concept. Alienation entails disconnection from your human roots. Alienation, dehumanisation, and inhumanity are similar things. Idiotic disconnection and barriers are the essence of inhumanity. Same Race Racism is utterly inhuman. There is a vicious circle occurring where inhumanity (dehumanisation) and Same Race Racism feed off each other causing barriers entailing manifest alienation.


Prior to the emancipation of Black people, Blacks were often deemed sub-human. Links exist between past inhuman cruelty towards Blacks and our current inhuman-bureaucratic-modern-life. The concept of COLLATERAL DAMAGE dehumanises victims via bureaucratic jargon. Victims of Collateral Damage cease to be full members of the human race; they have become un-human-Collateral-Damage. When governments murder innocent people and then call such murder “collateral damage”... perceptive people will see how this dehumanisation is human racism. Collateral Damage is very similar to labelling someone “sub-human” because the Humanity (racial heritage) of victims is denied. Reducing to people to numbers, bureaucratic terminology, or sub-humans is racism. When humans are labelled in un-human terms there is a clear denial of our racial status. This denial of Humanity is very evident for both victim and persecutor. Collateral Damage is one of many inhuman ways modern society depersonalises (dehumanises, alienates) people via denial of our profound racial heritage. We live in a very inhuman world therefore skin freedom is prohibited.




 Human Skin


By utilising the word “human” to prefix the word “skin” this ensures people don’t mistakenly think this issue applies solely to Afro-Caribbean, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, or European skin. Human Skin Phobia clearly relates to the skin of all humans. The word “human” is used to prefix “skin phobia” because stopping this phobia is totally about humans. The prefix of “human” helps people see how the “skin” we are addressing belongs to all humans. Some people say nakedness is a bigger issue than merely skin, but such assertions are wrong. Skin is the whole issue... if humans were covered in fur we would not be naked. We are NOT born covered with fur. We are born naked and this is our racial heritage. To be naked is to expose your skin. This nakedness is NOT about body-behaviour or bodily-functions, this issue is about the natural skin covering the body: our basic visual identity. Some people say this issue is: genital, nipple, chest, face, or buttocks phobia; naked feet in public can also cause discrimination. The common factor connecting all those body parts is skin. Human skin covering the whole body is the whole issue. Nakedness isn’t about the shape of our body parts. Clothing reveals the shape of breasts, nipples, and genitals, but mere shape doesn’t cause persecution if skin is covered. Women wearing tight vests or bikinis reveal the shape of breasts and nipples. Women wearing leotards can reveal the shape of vaginal lips, which isn’t problematic. Men wearing tight shorts or swimming trunks reveal the shape of testicles and penis, which isn’t a problem. The shape of body parts is NOT the issue; skin is the fundamental issue. This is why this campaign seeks to stop racist HUMAN SKIN phobia.







Vincent Bethell - May 2009

(updated 18th July 2012)



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